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Welcome to STREAM page!

  • Project acronym: STREAM
  • Project full title: “Strengthening the Romanian research capacity in Multifunctional Polymeric Materials”
  • Call: FP7-REGPOT-2010-1
    • Specific Programme: Coordination and support action
    • Theme: Research Potential
  • Grant Agreement no: 264115


Project Abstract
             Within the STREAM project, PPIMC aims at further strengthening its research capacity in the targeted scientific sectors by means of mobility and knowledge exchanges with excellent research EU institutions, participation and organization of scientific events, hiring of experienced researchers, up-grading of its laboratories and networking with both industry and other research organizations, but most off all through a complete reshaping of its internal organization. PPIMC ambitions are to adopt a totally integrated interdisciplinary approach around four research areas, defined by the Institute as priorities, in order to converge towards excellence on a crucial topic: “high added value multifunctional polymeric materials: concepts, mechanisms, properties, application”.
             The project will strengthen the research excellence of the institute and will therefore increase the attractiveness of the scientific career for young researchers in Romania. Further, the project will reinforce the capacity of business and governmental exploitation of research results and cooperation with industry and will set up a bridge between the Romanian chemical network and the European Research Area.
             In order to meet the main goal to improve the research potential at PPIMC, STREAM plans to reinforce and strengthen the established collaborative links with leading European institutions undertaking research and practice in Polymer Science. A complex schedule of exchange visits at different scientific level will allow the transfer of knowledge in the area of planning according to the social needs, management and supervision of strategic research activities in the concerned field. Within the STREAM proposal PPIMC will collaborate actively with 13 research centres from France, Germany, Poland, Slovenia, Spain and Switzerland.

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Strengthening the Romanian research capacity in Multifunctional Polymeric Materials